1st batch Tracking Numbers
**Please kindly contact me if your name is not included.
**I only approve orders with payment only.

Nur Aisyah Binti Muhridza - Meet Up
Siti Nur Hamimi - EM616162308MY
Nass Syaiera - EM616162311MY
Farrah Huda Khalid - EM616161165MY
Nur Hani - EM616161174MY
Maisarah Yunos - EM616161188MY
Siti Nur Aminah - EM616129960MY
Elise Ee - EM616129942MY
Syazana Suhaila - EM616161191MY
Saiyidah - EM616161259MY
Irdina Eizzati - EM616162299MY
Siti Nur Amirah - EM616162268MY
Jenna - EM616162271MY
Samantha Nuraieen - EM616162271MY
Shally Chew Jen Lee - EM616162254MY
Maisarah Azlan - EM616162210MY
Kamalia Shahira - EM616162206MY
Puteh Hariah - EM616162183MY
Amirah Nordin - EM616162197MY
Nurinn Arina - Meet Up
Aina Batrisya - EM616162170MY
Nur Adila - EM616162166MY
Ong Jin Wen - EM616162152MY
Chung Yong Shen - EM61616214MY
Siti Nurul Jannah - EM616162223MY
Nur Aliah Nabihah - EM616162237MY
Hijratul - EM616161295MY
Ilyana Tasnim - EM616161228MY
Aisyah Azman - EM616161228MY
Zeti - EM616161245MY
Winda - EM616161245MY
Nur Ezzaty Akmal - EM624511787MY

**Please contact me if your tracking number is not available.
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    Here's the tracking number for the items that i've just posted~ Please contact me if your name is not included~ Thank you^^


    June 2013